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The VO Kickstart Program

Launch your voiceover career faster, with tried & tested strategies, practices & methods


Don’t waste years of trial & error (and possibly thousands of dollars!) trying to figure it out yourself.

The VO Kickstart Program is your comprehensive, step-by-step program to create a solid foundation for a successful voiceover career.

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In this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to set-up your home recording space to sound like a pro (and not break the bank!)

  • How to find work 

  • Auditioning strategies 

  • Voiceover-specific business & marketing advice

  • Insight on how professional voiceover recording sessions play out from start to finish

  • Tips on voiceover technique & info on all the ways to properly develop your craft

  • How to price yourself & negotiate for a lucrative voiceover career

  • And MUCH more!

What else is included?:

  • 10 years of experience distilled into a super comprehensive program
  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to program content - Work at your own pace!
  • Money-back guarantee (if you don't feel the program delivers on it's promises)
  • Payment plan option.
  • Homework :) - Modules consist of video tutorials and follow-up action-steps to take.
  • resource directory of vetted industry professionals (i.e. demo producers, coaches, etc)
  • An industry lingo guide
  • Customizable rate card template
  • Unique insight from both a talent and a producer perspective
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This program IS for you if…

✓  Whether part-time or full-time, you're serious about starting your voiceover career and you're ready to take the steps needed to properly launch your business

  ✓  You have at least some performance skills (for context, my base experience was high-school plays and singing)

✓  You're looking to build a solid foundation for a sustainable, lasting voiceover career

✓  You’re proactive and willing to put in the effort to get your business off the ground

✓  You’re open to learning, getting out of your comfort zone, and committing

This Program is NOT for you if…

❌  You’re looking for a "get-rich-quick-scheme" – yes, this program helps you to launch your voiceover career quicker, but like any business it takes time and dedication to grow your reputation, client base and overall business.

❌  You’re not a self-starter – in this business you need to be proactive and resilient.

❌  If you’re only looking for performance coaching – you’ll get some basic performance tips (plus access to a directory of vetted coaches), but this program focuses on everything involved in setting up your business

❌  If you’ve been told you have a great voice & think you just need to “get discovered”. There's a lot involved in starting a voiceover business, and although having a great voice is nice, it isn't nearly enough.

This program IS for me!
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 Here's what some past students have to say: 


"It is well organized and offers flexibility so that I can work at my own pace and fit it into my busy life schedule. "

The VO Kickstart Program is a comprehensive overview of all the things I need to know to get my voice acting career started! It is well organized and offers flexibility so that I can work at my own pace and fit it into my busy life schedule. It is clear that Dervla Trainor has a wealth of knowledge about the voice acting business and she provides so many wonderful tips and suggestions based on her personal experiences working in the industry. I highly recommend VO Kickstart Program!

- Heather T


"It not only taught me what I need (and don’t need!)... but I now have a locked-in strategy moving forward too!"

This program was so comprehensive! When I started I wasn’t able to figure out a clear path or find the exact steps I needed to take to start my voiceover business. Now I have everything set-up and I’m excited and confident on how to grow my career. It not only taught me what I need (and don’t need!) to earn an income like working pro voice actors do, but I now have a locked-in strategy moving forward too!

- Rowan A


"It was a great introduction to everything voiceover related"

... the course was awesome! It was a great introduction to everything voiceover related, you were very personable and knowledgeable, and all the extra links and lists you provided will be super helpful going forward.

- Danielle M

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